Bangladesh Securities & Exchange Commission

The Rise of Bengal Tiger

Investor Summit (NRB) Bangladesh Capital Markets

Sl. Title Date Files
1. UCB-RoBT :: Sukuk The Ultimate Investment Vehicle in Bangladesh 10-Feb-2021 Download Now
2. UCB-RoBT :: Sukuk-The New Investment Opportunity in Bangladesh 10-Feb-2021 Download Now
3. UCB-RoBT :: Investment Procedure for NRB 09-Feb-2021 Download Now
4. UCB-RoBT :: Bangladesh-The Rising Tiger Stock Market Snapshot and Ways to Invest 09-Feb-2021 Download Now
5. UCB-RoBT :: The Rise of Royal Bengal: Lessons from Bangladesh 09-Feb-2021 Download Now
6. UCB-RoBT :: Portfolio Investment Procedure 09-Feb-2021 Download Now