Our Services

Our Services

Individual Account

Retail Sales Department has been serving all types of investors in Dhaka and Chittagong diligently since UCB Stock’s inception. It has grown significantly over the years and now serves a huge client base with a team of experienced relationship managers. The core focus of the department is to serve the general investors with the objective of providing best quality of customer service and generate revenues to ensure sustainable growth for future.

Features of the Department:

  • Experienced team of Relationship Managers and Traders
  • Competitive commission fees and interest rates on margin loans
  • Timely execution of buy & sell orders
  • Superior customer service
  • Reputation for compliance in trading

Corporate Account

Corporate and HNI Sales Department serves successful entrepreneurs, business tycoons and top-notch professionals of the corporate world. Serving such a sophisticated client base requires knowledge beyond the market parameters. Corporate Sales Department ensures that objective with a team of high caliber relationship managers and traders who have excelled in efficient trading and portfolio management.

Features of the Department:

  • Timely and efficiently execute trading services to satisfy the top tier client base
  • Optimal use of available resources to achieve trading objectives of the clients.
  • Consultation with panel broker and HNI clients and receiving opinions on the presented services and taken it into consideration to reach the premium services.
  • Provide preferential rates and ensure confidentiality to clients
  • Adopt and implement best industry practices to ensure distinctive standards in serving corporate and HNI clients.

Institutional Account

Institutional Sales Department (ISD) deals with mostly local and foreign financial institutions that cover local and foreign Asset Management Companies (AMC), NBFIs, and local corporate houses. ISD closely works with the Research Department to generate actionable Investment Ideas for its clientele. ISD serves those clients who seeks confidentiality and efficiency of execution as top priority. This department liaison with outside local intuitions to seek liquidity/ flows for its clientele.

Features of the Department:

  • Specialized trading for AMC, NBFI and Institutional clients at preferential commission fees.
  • Initiate and follow up on new business opportunities with institutions
  • Provide trading services and facilitate post-trade settlement for all clients
  • Provide market color and pitch research backed stock picks
  • Ensure documentations related to trading agreements and trade executions
  • Maintain trade confidentiality for clients as top priority.

Imperial Account

Imperial Brokerage is a personalized service which gives you special attention from our experienced team. You will have direct access to our Imperial team-dedicated specialists, who are available to assist you with all your trading needs. They will also ensure you’re up to date with the latest investment ideas and opportunities. Our risk managers will help you secure a sustainable growth on your investment.

Features of the Department:

  • All wealth management services under one roof.
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager & Trading Officer.
  • Preferential access to new investment opportunities.
  • Special commission fee on trade.
  • Special Interest rate on margin lending.

Other Services

UCB Stock Brokerage Ltd is committed to provide best services toward their clients, we are also providing these services below to our esteemed client regularly without any fees and charges.

Services We Offer:

  • DSE Mobile Trade.
  • Portfolio & Trade Confirmation email .
  • Daily publication regarding market from our research.
  • trading through Alternative Channel.
  • IPO Application.